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Don’t Try to Describe a Kiss Concert if You’ve Never Seen It 

I don’t know why this particular line from one of Jimmy Buffet’s many tunes struck me as I was driving in my car recently listening to Sirius XM radio. You are probably wondering how this even remotely relates to camp?! As I see it, from those on the outside looking in, camp is hard to understand. For those on the inside, camp is really hard to explain. Unfortunately, I have never been to a Kiss Concert. I’m pretty sure that […]

Camp “sprinkles” many lives in many ways . . .

As we come to the close of the fall season and the shortest day of the year is nearly upon us,  we recall how beautifully the leaves sprinkled the world with their color and beauty.  Snow has definitely sprinkled the northwoods covering up the trees and everything around them like a blanket.  As the holiday season is in full swing, we are also surrounded by glowing candles and sparkling lights, as well as a multitude of traditions that sprinkle our […]