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Moms of TP Boys!!

Posted by on May 8, 2019

Dear moms of TP boys,

In my role at Towering Pines, I wear many hats on any given day just as I do in my time at home in the off season.  With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have been thinking a great deal not only about my role as “mom” to my own children, but also my role as a “camp mom” at TP.  I can’t think of any 2 jobs I have had that are more challenging and more rewarding at the same time!! 

As a camp mom I do not take the decision you make to send your child to Towering Pines lightly.  This decision can be a significant one if this is your first child or your first experience with camp in general.  Not all of us had the opportunity to experience camp as children and so this can be completely new and unfamiliar territory.  Some of you may have gone to camp yourself for many years as kids; however, it can feel very different when you think about sending your own child to camp.   

As part of the leadership team at TP, I can assure you that choosing to send your child to camp is one of the best decisions you have ever made or will make!!!  In fact, it is a gift that you can give your child that has the potential to impact your son for the rest of his life.  Camp is a place that provides endless opportunities for growth for children.  I’m continually amazed at the transformations that occur each summer when these boys come together in the north woods of Wisconsin to form a camp family.  

As parents we are our children’s first teachers, and they look to us for guidance and support.  When we send our children to camp, we are extending this environment for them so that they can see the endless opportunities there are to learn from other adults, young adults and their very own peers.  Ultimately they will find out at camp that they can learn not only from others, but also from their own successes and failures.  

We realize that when you send your child to Towering Pines, you’re sharing your most important gift with us, that of time with him.  The gifts we can give back to your son this summer are a plethora of chances to be actively involved in moving, creating, engaging, discovering, exploring, and learning with his body, heart and mind. All of these adventures will help encourage your son to set and pursue goals, to view obstacles as opportunities, to value the unique differences of individuals, to respect the immense beauty nature provides us and to understand how to compromise when living and working with others.

Again, thank you for sharing your son with us this coming summer!!  We look forward to an amazing summer and a “Time to Shine in 1-9!!”

Angie Wenzl Ziller

  • Mom at TP
  • Leadership Staff at TP/Office Manager
  • Marketing TP/Woodland
  • Assistant Waterfront Director at Woodland
  • Counselor at Woodland