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Happy Halloween from Cabin 6!

A little more about Cheyenne (Cabin 6):

What was the highlight of your summer?

Mitchell: when I passed my Red Yoeman in archery; it took me a whole summer to pass it!

Tanner: getting bucked off a horse; it was a new experience

Matt: Olympics because I like the competition and I got a lot better at tennis

Henry: when I got my first qualifier in archery

Domenic: shooting a 50 in riflery

Pablo: when I passed to sitting in riflery because it was really hard

Julian: the 3rd and 4th weeks are really fun after adapting to camp during the first two weeks

Eli (CIT): breaking my records in Olympics and jumping Pedro’s rope on the wakeboard

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Mitchell: most of the people here are my friends, and it is fun to be around friends

Tanner: being able to explore the woods endlessly and being around nature

Matt: being able to hang out with my friends and enjoy the summer

Henry: taking Zoo with my friends and exploring

Domenic: I got to spend a lot of time around my friends

Pablo: being able to be with friends and experience things

Julian: by just being a kid at camp you can do only the stuff you like

Eli (CIT): capture the flag, Olympics and game against Red Arrow

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Mitchell: winning the Red Arrow tennis competition

Matt: I broke the record for intermediate jump

Tanner: getting bucked off a horse; I felt like a true cowboy

Henry: getting 5 gold pieces in skin diving gold rush

Domenic: getting to standing position in riflery

Pablo: catching a fish in skin diving because I have never done it before

Julian: to get my pirate name in sail race

Eli (CIT): scoring a goal in the 16 and under soccer game

What is something you learned about yourself?

Mitchell: all I have to do is believe myself to be good at archery

Tanner: I can dive and I am skilled at archery

Matt: I’m good at tennis

Henry: I’m very curious

Domenic: I’m good at riflery

Pablo: I’m good at riflery

Julian: I have learned that you can have fun and have a great time if you give the place or thing a chance

Eli (CIT): I am good at riflery