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Happy Halloween from Cabin 6!

A little more about Cheyenne (Cabin 6): What was the highlight of your summer? Mitchell: when I passed my Red Yoeman in archery; it took me a whole summer to pass it! Tanner: getting bucked off a horse; it was a new experience Matt: Olympics because I like the competition and I got a lot better at tennis Henry: when I got my first qualifier in archery Domenic: shooting a 50 in riflery Pablo: when I passed to sitting in […]

Towering Pines Baseball Club

October has to be one of the best months of the year! The leaves begin to change color, the weather gets colder, and most importantly the MLB playoffs start. While watching this year’s stressful yet exciting MLB playoffs, I can’t help but think of some of the memories I’ve made at Towering Pines. During my the summers as a camper, I always remember walking to free swim, and seeing Hal Morningstar sitting on the waterfront benches wearing his Detroit Tigers […]