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Happy Back to School from Iroquois!

TP Sept

I think it is safe to say that by now everyone is “back to school”!  As much as we would like to stretch out summer as much as possible, somehow those lazy days quickly turn to carpools, backpacks, homework, extracurricular activities, and counting the days until camp begins once again!

Throughout the upcoming year, each month will have a blog that is “sponsored” by a different Towering Pines cabin from the Summer of 2015.  Each camper wrote his “best moments at camp”…here is a little more about Cabin 7, the sponsor for this month:

Cabin 7 Fun

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Rodrigo: making new friends because that is what keeps you coming back

Ben: being able to show my parents my life at camp

Ferran: making a lot of friends

Matthew: not being the first one out in Spoon Assassins

Gianni: making new friends and doing activities I can’t do at home

Noah: I passed out of instructional swim

Mabo: passing levels

Cabin 7 Canoe

I am really proud of:

Rodrigo: being in tennis competitions and earning awards in riflery

Ben: passing levels in riflery, doing well in trap, getting up on skis

Ferran: passing levels in archery and riflery, “Chief of the Day” and “Chief of the Cabin”

Matthew: treading water for 25 min in really wavy water

Gianni: earning “Swimmer of the Year” and “Fisherman of the Year”

Noah: when I passed 2 ranks in riflery in 2 weeks

Mabo: I passed to 30 yds in archery

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The thing I learned the most about myself:

Rodrigo: everything is fun if you have friends

Ben: I can do a lot more than I thought I could

Ferran: I am good at activities that have to do with aiming

Matthew: I’m good at horseback riding

Gianni: I learned that I am good at a lot of things I didn’t know I was good at

Noah: I can do stuff if I work hard

Mabo: If I work hard, I can succeed

Cabin 7 Cookout