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The Tao of Being a Camp Counselor

  In addition to being one of the Coolest Guys on the Planet (in the eyes of the campers, if not in our own eyes), you know what else is pretty awesome about being a camp counselor? Lots. And much of it goes far deeper than helping the campers toast marshmallows. In fact, some of the most profound benefits of being a camp counselor are downright Zen. For instance… Working at summer camp gives you the opportunity to self-actualize. Yes, […]

Happy Back to School from Iroquois!

I think it is safe to say that by now everyone is “back to school”!  As much as we would like to stretch out summer as much as possible, somehow those lazy days quickly turn to carpools, backpacks, homework, extracurricular activities, and counting the days until camp begins once again! Throughout the upcoming year, each month will have a blog that is “sponsored” by a different Towering Pines cabin from the Summer of 2015.  Each camper wrote his “best moments at camp”…here […]