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Happy April from Cabin 8!

Posted by on April 4, 2018

No jokin’ around with these TP guys dressed for April Fool’s Day!  Here is a little more about the 2017 campers from Winnebago:

What was the highlight of your summer?

Bryce: Passing my Black Archer and getting better at archery.

Alex: Having a cool cabin.

Ethan: Winning my first sail race.

Ray: Becoming way more social and becoming a better person.

Perry: Spoon assassins.

Santiago: I had a great time this summer because of the activities; I liked spoon assassins and capture the flag.

Jorge: I had a really fun summer and made so many new friends that I will have for life.

Marcos (CIT): Winning the soccer match against Red Arrow.

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Bryce: Choosing my activities.

Alex: Playing at the waterfront.

Ethan: Messing around on the paddle boards.

Ray: I listened to music, ran the mile with other kids, and got to create even closer friendships.

Perry: Playing floor hockey for the Olympics.

Santiago: TP is just really fun.

Jorge: Getting to compete in the 16 and under tennis and soccer against Red Arrow.

Marcos (CIT): During activities and trips to Cathy’s.

What is something for which you are most proud?

Bryce: Passing out of instructional swim.

Alex: Living long in spoon assassins.

Ethan: Passing out of instructional swim.

Ray: I passed probably one of the hardest set of ranks in riflery (kneeling), and I also became a better shooter.

Perry: Competing in the archery competition.

Santiago: I learned how to play tennis and became more athletic.

Jorge: Making an assist in the 16 and under soccer team and that I am good at tennis.

Marcos (CIT): Getting up slalom in water-skiing.

What did you learn most about yourself?

Bryce: How not to over react all the time over little things.

Alex: How to try hard.

Ethan: When I become motivated, I can get things done.

Ray: I have really good skills in tennis and riflery.

Perry: I like to compete.

Santiago: I can be really organized.

Jorge: I have good sportsmanship, I am funny, and that I can control my emotions.

Marcos (CIT): I can achieve whatever I set as my goals.