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Daily Achievements for 6/26/2013

Posted by on June 27, 2013

It’s the Towering Pines philosophy that children build confidence by achieving success, and much of our programming is designed around this goal.

To reinforce this success / confidence, camper achievements are announced each day at the evening assembly (right before dinner).  Counselors from each activity area tell the entire camp about camper accomplishments for the day, e.g. passing a new rank in archery or riflery, successfully completing a new skill in waterskiing, catching the biggest fish of the day, etc.

The Towering Pines staff thought you’d like to hear about these successes too, so we’re adding an extra daily (well, most days anyway) blog posting to help YOU share in the success of your boys. 

To protect the campers’ anonymity, campers will be listed by first name and last initial.  Enjoy, your boys are doing a great job!

Daily Achievements for 6/26/2013

Chief of the Day: Tommy D.


  • High Score of the Day: 46 points at 50 yards by Andres M.

Archery Ranks Passed:

  • Alejandri P. White Bowman
  • Diego S. Gold Bowman
  • Gordie M. White Yeoman
  • Jack T. Black Yeoman
  • Alex A. White Bowman
  • Pedro E. Blue Bowman
  • Michael F. Black Yeoman
  • Dominick G White Yeoman


  • High Score of the Day: 43 sitting by Ryan B.

Riflery Ranks Passed

  • Alex E. Marksman
  • Seth H. Bar 1


  • Jake S first time skiing around Nokomis
  • Iker T first time skiing.
  • Sebastian D. first time on the wakeboard