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Create Your Own Scene: Cabins 6 & 7

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE!  See what the campers from Cabins 6 & 7 had to say:


Julian: being with my friends

Pablo: having fun and having the right attitude

Mitchell: adapting to camp

Domenic: enjoying time with my cabin

Henry: sticking to the activities I liked

Matt: having fun

Tanner: fulfilling the vespers song and reading books to my fellow campers

Eli (CIT): I stayed active and got creative during my activities with ways of making them more fun


Gabe: joining sail race and experiencing racing boats for the first time

Max: I found out that I can do anything I put my mind to

James: I created my own fun

Alex: doing more fun activities this summer

Ross: winning several sail races

Jack: picking the activities I did

Alexis: playing Gaga

Nico: playing Gaga

Calvin: having a good year in archery

Jake (CIT): trying to make each activity flow better and have more fun