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Camper Achievements Week 4

Posted by on July 25, 2015

Camper Achievements Week 4

Camp is rolling along beautifully.

We celebrated the TP 70th birthday last night.  Your boys are doing great at their activities, learning skills and passing ranks.  The weather has been sunny and warm. 

Camp life is good!


  • “Friendship” by Cabin 8.

Sunday Event / Paul Bunyan Day

  • Congratulations to the Green Team on their victory.

Cabin Clean Up

  • Congrats to the Cabin 8 Men of Winnebago, who enjoyed a well-deserved trip to Cathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe. You can tell their ice cream is delicious because they spell “Shop” with extra letters.

Chiefs of the Day

  • Pablo R.
  • Mateo T
  • Ben K
  • Rodrigo E
  • Jake St.
  • Nico R
  • Calvin F.

Riders of the Week

  • Jorge R
  • Gordon H
  • Calvin F – Chief of the Day AND Rider of the Week AND high scorer in the Woodland / TP Friendly Archery match. Methinks tis be a fine week for a Fein lad. Way to go Calvin!
  • Christian P received one of the highest TP Riding honors by receiving his Red Shirt today. Congrats Christian!


Perhaps the Woodland Ladies were unnerved by the handsome smiles of our Tp Men?

Perhaps the Woodland Ladies were unnerved by the handsome smiles of our TP Men?

  • Ferran S-A earned his Blue Yeoman.
  • George M earned his White Bowman.
  • Andrew K earned his Black Bowman.
  • Mitchell F earned his Black Archer.
  • Patrcio L earned his White Archer.
  • Mitchell F earned his Blue Yeoman.
  • Nico R had a high score of the day with a 37 at 20 yards.
  • Calvin F had a high score of the day with a 41 at 30 yards.
  • Ray D had a high score of the day with a 40 at 20 yards.
  • George M earned his White Archer.
  • Nico R earned his Black Bowman.
  • Ray D earned his Black Archer.
  • Towering Pines defeated the Camp Woodland archery team in a friendly exchange. Congrats to TP Coach Mike P and his crack team of archers: Jake S, Calvin F, James E, and Jake St. They displayed both their acumen in archery and their superb upbringing (nice work mom & dad) for being respectful hosts and good sportsman. Well done men.


  • Alex A passed Level 6.
  • George T passed Level 6.
  • Ray D passed Level 6.
  • Pedro T passed Level 6. 
    George M rolling the log like nobody's business!

    George M rolling the log like nobody’s business!

  • Jorge R passed Level 6.
  • Ferran S-A passed Level 6.
  • Ben K passed Level 6.
  • Noah F passed Level 6.
  • Julian P passed Level 6.
  • Bryce B passed Level 5.
  • Ethan J passed Level 4.
  • Perry H passed Level 4.
  • Nico R. passed Level 4.
  • Gordon H passed Level 4.
  • Louis M passed Level 4.
  • George M passed Level 2 AND he seems to have quite a natural affinity for log rolling. Who’d have guessed?

Skin Diving

  • Sebastian G caught a 7” rock bass with a fishing net.


  • Alex P had high score of the day with a 43 sitting.
  • Ben K earned his Sharpshooter.
  • Alvaro MDC earned his Bar III.
  • Domenic G earned his Marksman.
  • Pablo R earned his Marksman.
  • Julian P earned his Marksman.
  • Jorge R earned his Marksman First Class.
  • Ferran S-A earned his Sharpshooter.
  • Matteo T earned his Sharpshooter.
  • Johnny K earned his Bar I.
  • Jack B earned his Bar V.
  • Alvaro MDC had a high score of the day with a 47 from sitting position.
  • Rodrigo B earned his Bar II.
  • James W earned his Marksman.
  • Chucho O earned his Bar IV.
  • Ferran S-A had a high score of the day with a 45 from prone positon.
  • Inigo M earned his Marksman First Class.
  • Ethan N earned his Sharpshooter.
  • Rafael F and Ferran S-A tied for high score of the day with a 46 in prone position.

Sail Race

  •  Mitch “Metch the Bardic Pirate” won another Dread Pirate Regatta (DPR), thereby earning his first Skull.
  • Note to readers: Winning your first DPR earns you a piratical nickname. For each win after that you get a Skull. Win 5 Skulls and you’ve earned “Ace” status. Basically, your standard pirate etiquette.    

Fishing Catch of the Day

  • Leo N caught an 8” smallmouth bass.

Water Skiing

  • Ben K got up on 2 skis for the first time.


  • Alex F passed Advanced Beginner.
  • Nico R passed Advance Beginner.

Weirdest Campers of the Week

  • These mustachioed rapscallions are worthy recipients of the title…

Weird DSCN0703