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Sailing: Guest Blogger & Camper Ross C

Posted by on July 30, 2015

Today’s blog is written by camper Ross C as part of the TP Journalism workshop. Ross also took and edited the photos in this blog.  Ross is a 4-year Towering Pines veteran who learned about Towering Pines because his father is a friend of Camp Director Jeff Jordan. Ross has a nice balance of old and new camp friends in his cabin and activities, and he enjoys performing skits at the campfire. Ross’ favorite camp foods are jambalaya, lasagna, and […]

Trusting the Process

The second session has come and gone, and it’s time for us to reflect on the accomplishments so far and the challenges to come. Here, well into the fifth week of camp, the end is in sight and I find myself wondering where the time went. It seems that no matter how much planning is done ahead of time, the season catches up with me. Times like these, I have to ask myself am I truly behind or is it […]

Camper Achievements Week 4

Posted by on July 25, 2015

Camper Achievements Week 4 Camp is rolling along beautifully. We celebrated the TP 70th birthday last night.  Your boys are doing great at their activities, learning skills and passing ranks.  The weather has been sunny and warm.  Camp life is good! Vespers “Friendship” by Cabin 8. Sunday Event / Paul Bunyan Day Congratulations to the Green Team on their victory. Cabin Clean Up Congrats to the Cabin 8 Men of Winnebago, who enjoyed a well-deserved trip to Cathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe. […]

Guest Journalist: Camper Gordon H

Posted by on July 23, 2015

Today’s blog is written by first-year Towering Pines camper Gordon H as part of the TP Journalism Workshop. Gordon also took and edited all the photos for this blog. Gordon, 11, discovered TP through his friend Alex A, a veteran TP camper. Gordon is enjoying camp so far, and “gets along with everyone.” He especially likes the cabin clean-up competition because the winning cabin gets a free trip to Cathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe. He also enjoys doing soap dips in […]

Camper Achievements from Week 3

Posted by on July 19, 2015

Camper Achievements Week 3 We’re halfway through the camp season (man, that hurts to even think about), and your sons are doing a superb job of building skills and passing ranks. Be proud of them, we certainly are. Vespers Cabin 11 presented on the theme of “Maturity.” Sunday Special Event / Gold Rush Day Cabin 3 found the Mother Lode thereby winning the event. Cabin 11, alas, found the dummy gold, indubitably leading to much an aching of the bellies […]