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Camper Achievements from Week 1

Posted by on July 5, 2015

Camper Accomplishments from Week 1

After a full week of camp activities, the lads are building skills and passing ranks at an impressive rate.

Chiefs of the Day

  • Matt S.
  • Jake Sor.
  • Rainer H.
  • Ethan J.
  • Thomas K.
  • Alex F.

 Riders of the Week

  • Thomas K
  • Inigo M
  • Ross C
  • Leo N


  • Marcos E passed his Black Yeoman.
  • James W passed his White Yeoman.
  • Ferran S-A passed his Black Yeoman.
  • Ferran S-A had a high score of 41 from 20 yards.
  • James W passed his White Bowman.
  • Jackson M passed his White Yeoman.
  • Nico R passed his White Yeoman.
  • Julian P had a high score of 34 from 10 yards.
  • Luke N passed his White Bowman.
  • Jackson M passed his White Archer.
  • Ross C passed his Black Bowman.
  • Julian P passed his White Archer.
  • Pedro T passed his Black Archer.
  • Andrew C-P had a high score of 41 at 10 yards.


  • Julian P passed level 5.
  • Pablo R passed level 5.
  • Ben K passed level 6.

 Skin Diving

  • James E caught some small fish that was only 3 inches long and no one really knew what it was anyway. To be honest, I’m not even sure why we mentioned it, but I think it makes him happy to know we did.


  • Tanner H. passed his Marksman First Class
  • Jorge R. had high score of the day with a 45 from prone position.
  • Ferran S-A had a high score of 43 from prone position.
  • Thomas K passed his Pro Marksman.
  • Alec B passed his Marksman.
  • Marcos E passed his Pro Marksman
  • Jack B passed his Bar III
  • Iker T had a high score of 46 from prone position.
  • Caden S passed his Pro Marksman
  • Alex F passed his Pro Marksman 

Sail Race

  •  Jack B and Mitchell T took first place.

Fishing Catch of the Day

  • Jack G. caught a 10 inch largemouth bass.
  • George T. caught as 12 inch largemouth bass.
  • Jake St. caught a 10 inch smallmouth.
  • Sebastian G caught a 6 inch smallmouth bass.
  • Ross C caught a 15 inch smallmouth.

 Trick Ski

  • Pedro E completed a 360 on his first attempt.


  • Jake St passed his Advanced Beginner.

 Weirdest Camper of the Week

  • Probably this guy…