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Camp TP . . . a balance of the old and the new

One of my favorite parts of camp is that for a seasoned camper or camp alum, when you arrive back, it feels like coming home. That initial drive back down TP Road is like a memory walk of the senses.  The sights and sounds of camp are familiar and comforting, and memories of good times shared flood the mind and heart.

On the other hand, for a new camper, driving down TP Road can stir up a very different set of emotions.  It’s like starting any new adventure or journey, there is uncertainty about what camp will be like, nervousness about fitting in, and maybe even fear about being away from home.  The vision of what is to come is unknown, and yet these campers will soon have their own experiences from which to imprint their personal set of camp memories.

When I asked two current counselors what is so amazing about camp, their response was, “the people and traditions.”   Their reply really struck me because it’s so true.  There are so many veteran campers and counselors who continue to come back year after year.  They pass on their passion for camp, their knowledge of the history of camp, and their understanding of the routines and traditions that make Towering Pines such an incredible place.  But yet there are the new campers and counselors who come for their very first summer, and they bring with them their enthusiasm for brand new adventures, innovative ideas to present and new perspectives to share.

There are deep rooted traditions in Towering Pines that go back for 72  years.  This is what has given camp the foundation upon which to build and sustain itself.  There are campers here whose parents were once campers. Living in this beautiful setting with all of the little cabins and structures that have remained the same for many years, helps us to simplify life for the summer. Staff and campers can focus on the “real stuff” like getting to know each other, supporting each other and helping each person to become the best person he can be.  In addition, there are new campers and staff, new games to play as well as new activities to explore which keeps camp interesting and exciting for everyone!!


This is what I love about camp – – that there is a balance between the “old” and “new,” between what is familiar and the unknown.  Both ends of the spectrum make Towering Pines the unique and special place that it is.

Angie Wenzl Ziller

  • Camp Mom at TP
  • Office Manager at TP
  • Marketing TP/Woodland
  • Assistant Waterfront Director at Woodland
  • Counselor at Woodland