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Camp . . . a place where the good ol’ days remain!!

I remember when I was “younger,” I heard people talk about  “The good ‘ol days.”  Each generation seems to look back on the generations before and often shares the same sentiment.  We look at the past as a time when life was better than it is now.

So I asked several people to share with me what first comes to mind when they think about “the good ‘ol days.”  A recurring theme prevailed . . . simple and solid.

Camp allows for the best parts of the current world and the past to exist together.  The summer camp environment creates a setting for campers which gives them endless opportunities to experience the simplicity of a close knit camp community amidst the beauty of nature.  It’s a place where there is less background noise to filter and more peace to determine one’s own perspective.


As parents and guardians, you work hard to teach values to your children and to instill upon them the importance of these.  There is a definite structure in place within everything we do at camp that continues to support your efforts.  At Towering Pines Camp for Boys and Camp Woodland for Girls, the values that are incorporated into everything we do are:  Respect, Community, Growth, Responsibility, and Safety.  Camp provides a place where kids can explore and continue to build upon their own value system.

Recently one of our leadership team shared a social media post with us that was titled “A Generation that Will Never Come Back.”  They referred to all of the things that kids are missing out on today because life has become so complicated with technology and cluttered with complex systems.  The good news is . . . camp isn’t coming back . . .  it has ALWAYS BEEN HERE!!

What is so unique about camp is that it’s a place where the good ‘ol days remain. It continues to provide both stability and fun, a place where kids can be kids.

At camp children get to:

  • Have more play time with very minimal screen time
  • Engage their creativity, resourcefulness and imagination
  • Spend time in nature and learn about it its importance to our world
  • Play board games and card games with friends
  • Practice speaking in both small and larger group settings
  • Be active for many hours a day in a variety of ways
  • Experience group living with all of its benefits and challenges
  • Learn about the importance of tradition and culture
  • Engage in the roles of both leader and follower
  • Belong to a unique camp community!!

A retired camp director used to say, “for these are the days we shall dream about, and we’ll call them the good ol’ days.” **  Thankfully, we have Towering Pines Camp for Boys and Camp Woodland for Girls, as well as many other well respected summer camps, to continue providing experiences that children will dream about and carry with them with fondness so that the good ol’ days live on.

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Angie Ziller

  • Camp Mom at TP
  • Leadership Staff at TP/Office Manager
  • Marketing TP/Woodland
  • Leadership Team TP/Woodland
  • Assistant Waterfront Director at Woodland
  • Counselor at Woodland
  • “Building in our hearts fond memories, Towering Pines for you.”

**Credit to Bob Furman, former director @ Camp Kitaki, Louisville, Nebraska**