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Cabin 8 . . . Setting Good Examples

Today is “National Set a Good Example Day,” and I think this is a wonderful time to think about all of the extraordinary ways our boys learn this at camp.  From the time they wake up in the  morning to the sound of the TP gong, to the moment they fall asleep in their bunks at night after a busy day of activities, they are surrounded by staff and other campers leading by positive example. 

There are role models surrounding and guiding them each step of the way as they stay in their summer home at Towering Pines Camp for Boys. There are a plethora of opportunities to learn healthy, productive and favorable habits by observing, listening, interacting and practicing what they see.  These boys are encouraged to live by their “good examples” and to be a positive force in all aspects of not only what they do at camp, but also what they do at home, in school and for their communities.

At mealtime they are learning manners, how to have appropriate conversations and even the art of respectful negotiation.  They set examples for the younger cabins by the way in which they conduct themselves in the dining hall and by taking turns cleaning up after meals. 

During cabin clean-up and cabin activities, the campers are becoming aware of the importance of working together and that teamwork does matter.  There are times when the focus needs to be about the group rather than about self.  They also learn to lead by their own initiative and that helping others makes a difference in what they can accomplish as a group. 

Throughout their activities the boys learn much more than just skill development.  They gain an understanding of the difference that determination, patience and perseverance can make.  In addition, they learn that a positive word of encouragement or a pat on the back can be incredibly impactful.  They may discover that their example can pave the way for a younger child or even influence a peer or older camper.

During assembly the campers hear CITs (Counselors in Training) and counselors commending the accomplishments that have occurred throughout the day.  They are exposed to the concept that often times small accolades are incredibly significant to many people.  Also, the boys learn how to accept compliments while still being humble.  Finally, they learn that failure is imminent; it is what you do after you fall that shows your true character. 

Cabin 8, Winnebago, “set many good examples” for others throughout the Summer of 2021.  They shared some of what they learned and experienced in their “Best Moments” reflections.

In what ways did the SUN SHINE for you this summer (what were your favorite things about camp?):

  • Mateo:  Soccer and the camp food made the sun shine for me.
  • Samuel:  I got to do archery, water skiing, and try new foods.
  • Julian:  I loved skiing this year!
  • Pablo:  Being with my friends!  
  • Pato:  Soccer and skiing twice a day made the sun shine for me, and also looking for and catching fish in skin diving.
  • George:  Tennis and Magic the Gathering
  • Jose Miguel:  Catching a snake, catching a turtle, catching a bullfrog, getting Zoo Man of the year, ropes course, and I learned how to serve in tennis.
  • Ryan:  The food and the activities
  • Thomas:  I had a lot of fun seeing my friends and doing activities.
  • Matias:  Being with my friends
  • Dane:  Workshops were one of my favorite parts about camp because I can do things I like and try new things like trap and Magic the Gathering.

What is something that took you by surprise and was better than you imagined?

  • Mateo:  Sailing
  • Samuel:  Doing archery
  • Julian:  How good jambalaya!
  • Pablo:  Sailing  
  • Pato:  Catching fish in skin diving and doing a very good serve in a tennis match.
  • George:  Get better at Magic the Gathering
  • Jose Miguel:  At first I wanted to catch a snake, but I was scared until one day I actually caught one!
  • Ryan:  How different camp was
  • Thomas:  I was surprised by how many campers came and then stayed longer.
  • Matias:  Skiing is fun!
  • Dane:  Skiing for the first time was very fun and easy to do.

What is something you were able to do that you have not been able to do over the past year?

  • Mateo:  Sailing
  • Samuel:  Talking to people in person and doing activities.
  • Julian:  180 degrees in the air
  • Pablo:  Trap 
  • Pato:  Ski twice a day and do slalom and wakeboard in the same day.
  • George:  Tennis was a lot of fun!
  • Jose Miguel:  Ski
  • Ryan:  Go to TP Players
  • Thomas:  I really like sailing and riflery.
  • Matias:  I am brave.
  • Dane:  I had never tried skiing, but on my first try, I didn’t even fall down.

The thing I learned most about myself:

  • Mateo:  Nothing that I can think of.
  • Samuel:  I am less athletic than I thought.
  • Julian:  I’m a cool guy!
  • Pablo:  I am brave! 
  • Pato:  I learned sportsmanship in landsports like soccer.
  • George:  I can do a lot (when I set my mind to it!).
  • Jose Miguel:  That I love nature and catching frogs.
  • Ryan:  I’m pretty decent at tennis.
  • Thomas:  I had a lot of fun seeing my friends and doing activities.
  • Matias:  Being with my friends
  • Dane:  I’m good at archery, and I was able to pass five ranks in three weeks.

What is the first thing you will tell your parents/family about your camp experience:

  • Mateo:  There are things that I liked and didn’t like.
  • Samuel:  How I’m not the best at archery and water skiing (Come back and try again! It takes a lot of slow to grow.)
  • Julian:  It was great!
  • Pablo:  I will tell them about my experience getting a concussion.  
  • Pato:  I had a lot of fun, and this was one of my favorite experiences ever, and I would love to come back! (We hope you do!)
  • George:  It was really fun.
  • Jose Miguel:  I will tell them that this was the best summer I’ve ever had in my life!! : )
  • Ryan:  That camp is fun!
  • Thomas:  I will tell them that I have the jambalaya recipe!  (Whoo hoo!!)
  • Matias:  I’ll tell my parents that camp is fun!
  • Dane:  I will tell them about my activities like the ones I thought were the most fun.

The fellas of Winnebago are definitely becoming role models and setting good examples as they go from being boys to becoming young men!  Not only  is camp about the adventures, but it is also about learning skills that will help them become leaders and giving them opportunities to share their positive examples with the rest of the world.  We can’t wait to see you in few months, boys!!

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