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Cabin 7 looks forward to a New Year and A Place to Grow in 2-0!!

As we approach 2020, we look ahead to the potential that a new year and a new decade brings. It seems with each new year there’s usually discussion about creating resolutions, setting goals and developing positive habits. So how does this all relate to camp?  Well, let me connect some of these dots!!

Camp provides a plethora of opportunities in which kids can set goals and work hard to attempt to reach these. Having six weeks in which to progress through the steps toward goal attainment is the magic number!!  It’s enough time to truly work on skill development and to “stop and start over” when things might not be going as planned. However, six weeks is also short enough that the kids begin to realize that one’s time is valuable, and it can seem to go by very quickly.  This can be a bit of motivation to maybe try something totally new or even just add another skillset to an already familiar activity area.

At Towering Pines there is purposeful play so that the boys also experience an abundance of adventures in which to challenge themselves within their comfort zone.  We appreciate that each child has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and these are best developed in that “happy medium” zone.  This is the area where campers are challenged to “stretch” their potential but not so far that success is always unattainable.  Failure teaches perseverance, motivation and acceptance of one’s self; however, we also believe that it’s important to help the boys find those areas in which they can feel pride and a sense of true accomplishment.

At TP we also believe that it takes a lot of “slow to grow.”  This is why it’s so awesome that boys can return to camp for many summers!!  This gives campers intentional time each year to create their own resolutions and goals which definitely change over time.  If they don’t find success with an activity area this summer, they might next year.  Maybe they just don’t have the confidence to try something this summer, but by next year, they’ve gained the confidence they need to give it a whirl.

Many achievements and experiences happened last summer!!  Cabin 7 shared some of these below:

How did you SHINE this summer?

Manuel:  Passing about 5 ranks in riflery in one year.

Pato:  At soccer mostly likely at both matches against Red Arrow.

Pablo:  At tennis, getting better.

George:  I shone when I was doing good in tennis.

Thomas:  I got 3rd in Spoon Assassins.  I reached the semi-finals in the TP Open.

Ricardo:  I shine every moment that I have fun, and when I pass a rank or something, like score a goal or win a match in tennis.

Ryan:  Getting “Catch of the Day.”

Sam: I went to the archery exchange.





When were you at your best this summer?

Manuel:  Windsurfing two hours a day and going to competitions.

Pato:  At soccer when I helped be the person who makes the calls.

Pablo:  I was at my best when I made new friends.

George:  My best is when I was scoring a goal in soccer.

Thomas:  The last week I soaked up all I could of the last days of camp!!

Ricardo:  Playing soccer or tennis.

Ryan:  During fishing I was catching a lot of fish.

Sam: I was the best at biking in my class.





Describe a CHANGE you noticed in yourself while at camp.

Manuel:  I got more friendly and opened myself to new people here at camp.

Pato:  A change in my attitude is like I’m always learning how to be so tolerant.

Pablo:  I learned how to not always be with people I’m usually with and make new friends too.

George:  A change I noticed in my self is that I’m more confident.

Thomas:  I am more willing to learn new things.

Ricardo:  I grow in many ways to be a better person.

Ryan:  I tried playing different things and not always the same thing.

Sam: I have more respect for animals.





What lessons were learned from something CHALLENGING?

Manuel:  When there was no wind while I was windsurfing, I learned patience.

Pato:  That everything is possible, you just need to work hard on it!

Pablo:  Never give up!!

George:  I learned that it is ok to lose in Spoon Assassins.

Thomas:  Keep trying and don’t give up.

Ricardo:  That you need to have more patience.

Ryan:  In archery I need to keep trying.

Sam: Rigging a fishing pole.





What is one thing that could have been better for you this summer?

Manuel:  Windsurfing to Buoy 4 and back in just 1-1/2 periods.

Pato:  Improving my jumps on wakeboard.

Pablo:  Having Olympics.

George:  Practicing more in tennis.

Thomas:  In sailing I tried to get my Skipper, and they made it challenging.

Ricardo:  To have Olympics because I think I can do well at the things (events).

Ryan:  Spoon Assassins could have gone better.

Sam: To have more free time.  (There is some free time at camp, but there is also a daily schedule.)

Thanks, Cabin 7!!  There were plenty of wonderful ways to “Shine in 1-9” and so now we look forward to you finding your “Place to Grow in 2-0!!”

Happy New Year!

Angie Wenzl Ziller

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