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Cabin 3 . . . let’s make a difference!!

As I see trick-or-treaters out in costume, knocking on doors, thinking about buckets being filled with all kinds of sugary sweet goodness, I’m reminded of how wonderful it is to “give” as well as it is to receive.  Sometimes “giving” presents itself in many ways, and often times we don’t realize the impact our positive words and actions may have on others.

Camp provides so many opportunities for the counselors, staff and campers to share their gifts with those around them.  These gifts often come in the form of words of encouragement at an activity area, a helping hand during cabin clean-up, a kind gesture offering someone else to go first, acknowledgment of a great idea or even recognition of someone else’s uniqueness in a positive manner.  These are all simple yet incredibly significant ways to fill other people’s buckets with a completely different type of goodness.

What’s special about camp is that because we live together for several weeks and form a camp community, real friendships and genuine relationships have the opportunity to develop.  This enables us to begin to recognize when our words and actions can truly make a difference in someone’s day or even in someone’s life.  This is possible because camp provides the gift of time . . .  time to listen, time to observe, time to play, time to learn and time to share. 

These camp friendships and relationships make a difference in many people and can be truly life changing.  As we celebrate “National Make a Difference Day”, think about all the ways camp has made a difference in your campers’ lives or in your lives personally.  By filling other people’s buckets with goodness, we can make an exponential impact on the lives of those around us.

Cabin 3 made a difference in many of our lives over the summer, and we hope you noticed a plethora of positive ways camp influenced your boys as well.  Here are some of the thoughts that the Menominee boys shared about their time at camp and what they learned!!    

In what ways did the SUN SHINE for you this summer (what were your favorite things about camp?):

  • Mostly I loved all of the activities like zoo, archery, and riflery
  • I passed my skipper rank, enjoyed all of my activities and had a lot of fun with my friends!
  • Everything was amazing, but to be specific:  the people, activities, nature, shows and special events!
  • I think it was probably archery because this year at camp I learned to shoot a bow and my skill level improved a lot.  I also liked sailing because I learned how to rig an X boat and skipper. 
  • The activities made the summer shine!
  • I love zoo, and I caught a really big frog.
  • I really like zoo and riflery.
  • My favorite things at camp are crafts and TP Fair.
  • I loved sailing!! 
  • The big frog was so cool!

What is something that took you by surprise and was better than you imagined?

  • The food — I actually found out that I like vegetables.  : )
  • I liked fishing more than I thought I would.
  • The flexibility because camp was run so well even with Covid, the new counselors and new cabin mates.
  • I never knew that there was something as a trampoline on water!  It is so fun!  I also did not think that the Big Mable was as big and fun as it was.  That was a GREAT surprise!!
  • Sailing was better than I ever imagined!!
  • We caught a BIG frog!!
  • I was surprised that I caught a really HUGE frog!
  • My cabin and cabin mates were better than I imagined.
  • I was so surprised at how big the BIG frog was!

What is something you were able to do that you have not been able to do over the past year?

  • I was able to spend a lot of time with kids my age having fun.
  • I was able to shoot trap.
  • To explore nature, learn stuff that’s more physical, and WAY more things!
  • To sail! I do not live near a big enough body of water, and I also don’t own a boat.  Sailing for the first time in my life was amazing, and I got to it at camp!
  • I was able to fish, sail, ski and ride the Big Mable.
  • I got to Level 4 in instructional swim.
  • I did riflery.
  • I tried riflery.
  • I was able to do sailing!
  • I was able to see a really big frog!

The thing I learned most about myself:

  • That getting exercise is so fun and that learning new things (like sailing) is fun and challenging.
  • I learned that I’m actually pretty good working with kids.
  • Since we have stayed at home, I have realized I am way more into nature and what types of people I like to hang out with.  I think camp is way more helpful than people can imagine.
  • I am really good at reading aloud!  Some nights I read a book to the whole cabin, and I feel like I can do it way more comfortably than when I started.
  • I learned that I like biking.
  • I’m good at sailing. 
  • I learned that I’m good at riflery.
  • One thing I learned is that I’m creative.

What is the first thing you will tell your parents/family about your camp experience:

  • That camp was exciting, and I got to do a lot of activities.
  • I really enjoyed it, and I will be a counselor next year if I can.
  • It was amazing.  Camp is the best experience anyone could wish for.  I love everything about it, and I’m SOOOOOO excited to come back next year!!
  • I loved horseback riding!  My mom was a horseback riding counselor at Woodland, and she will love to know that!
  • I will tell them everything I can!
  • I want to tell them about the award I got an banquet.
  • I will definitely tell them about the BIG frog!!
  • I am going to tell them about sailing

The boys of Menominee have many gifts and talents to share, and we can’t wait to see and hear how they make a difference in the the lives of your family, their schools and their communities.  We are so excited to see them back at Towering Pines next summer.  If you haven’t registered your son, just click this link!!

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