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Boy Scout, Triplet, and Towering Pines CIT

Posted by on July 1, 2014
CITs Sebastian G, Christian P, & Staff Member Enrique R

CITs Sebastian G, Christian P, & Staff Member Enrique R

Today’s blog is an interview with first-year camper Christian P.  Christian is a first year Counselor-in-Training (CIT).  Christian has been busy in his first 10 days at Towering Pines, making new friends, trying new experiences, and having fun.

“I heard about Towering Pines from my friend (TP staff member) Jack Trimpe.  We’re in the same Boy Scout Troop.  Right now I’m working towards my Eagle Scout.”

Christian has enjoyed a lot of success this week at making new friends.  “Everyone has been really open and friendly in the CIT cabin and during my daily activities.  My cabin just got back from our overnight canoe trip.  Most of the CITs were already friends from previous summers, so this was a good chance for me to really meet everyone.  We had fun working together on the trip.”

Christian has also spent his first week at Towering Pines learning new skills and having fun.  “Archery is a lot of fun, and laid back.  I’ve already passed one rank (Black Yeoman) in archery.  Horseback riding is also a lot of fun.  I’ve never really ridden before, so I imagined that the horse might try and buck me off.  But the horses were really well-trained.”

The CITs at Towering Pines have a unique schedule & set of responsibilities at camp, including things like Water-ski help, Officer of the Day, and

Red Pirate Christian P

Red Pirate Christian P

performing in the Coed Show (with the CITs at sister Camp Woodland).  Christian’s thoughts on being a CIT: 

  • “I’m looking forward to the Coed Show at the end of the summer.  Of course I’m also looking forward to meeting the CITs from Woodland, but I’m a triplet, so two of the CITs there are my sisters.”
  • “The CITs do a nice job of keeping our cabin clean.  With so many people together and all the sand at camp, collective activities things like cabin clean-up make a big difference. “
  • “When I’m the Officer of the Day, I sometimes help the younger campers at the water-ski area.  Although I don’t water-ski myself, it’s fun to be at the beach, talking to the younger campers.”

Christian, who competes on his high school sculling team, already has plans to become a Towering Pines Staff Member in a few years, “I row everyday here on Lake Nokomis.  When I’m a Counselor, I want to bring my own equipment to camp and teach a class or workshop in sculling.”

Finally, when asked about any additional impressions of Towering Pines so far, Christian shared the ultimate teen accolade, “The food is really good.”

Welcome to the Towering Pine Family Christian.