Author: Angie Ziller

Behind the Scenes to Building Future Leaders

Campfires, cabin nights, evening workshops, vespers and Sunday special events are a key part of the fabric of the weekly programming we have at camp. At surface level, these activities could have the appearance of nothing more than the opportunity to wear crazy costumes and play a bunch of games or sit in a circle singing songs and sharing thoughts around a particular theme. Some might even say their purpose on the camp calendar is to keep campers entertained and […]

Simple vs. Easy

Posted by on July 3, 2023

A blog I recently read by Growing Leaders really grabbed me because “simple” vs “easy” is something that I think so many people struggle with (myself included). Author Dr Tim Elmore points out that “it’s important to recognize the psychological difference between simplifying life and making life easier. Nearly every student (and adult, for that matter) should work to simplify their busy and complicated lives today. But nobody becomes the best version of themselves when life is easy. We don’t […]

So You’ve Never Worked at Camp Before . . . .

Posted by on May 29, 2023

SO YOU’VE NEVER WORKED AT CAMP BEFORE…. Maybe this is your first ever camp experience, and all of your expectations are based on scenes from the Parent Trap. Making the exciting decision to come to camp might give you butterflies of the unknown whether you’re a seven year old who has never spent a night away from home or a student looking for a summer job. Whatever encouraged you to join our camp family for the summer, the adventure you’re […]

Camp . . . a place where the good ol’ days remain!!

I remember when I was “younger,” I heard people talk about  “The good ‘ol days.”  Each generation seems to look back on the generations before and often shares the same sentiment.  We look at the past as a time when life was better than it is now. So I asked several people to share with me what first comes to mind when they think about “the good ‘ol days.”  A recurring theme prevailed . . . simple and solid.   Camp […]

Camp . . . Building Community in Unique Ways

Often times as I describe camp or write about camp, I include the word “community.”  There are many things about camp that involve routines and schedules; however, within this structure there are many experiences that create a sense of adventure.  These experiences are unique because of our camp community, and they inspire and impact the boys in a plethora of different ways depending on the individual.   This past summer I had the pleasure of having a young man, Will, […]