Towering Pines Blog

Another lovely day


It’s been a great start to a great week already with special events and fair weather!


Yesterday we had our annual Pirate Day, where the red pirates squared off against the blue for glory in a wide array of pirate events. Tension was high through pirate jousting, water balloon toss, and cannon shooting; but in the end, the red pirates came out on top! 

Despite the point lead, everyone had a great time! When everybody plays, everybody wins!

We’ve been doing cabin activities for the first week of the season, but tonight we will start our workshops. Workshops are an elective activity that allows each camper to try an activity they might not normally have an opportunity to such as fencing, fishing, fitness, or even outdoor cooking. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with guys outside one’s own cabin and finish the day strong.


The summer is truly under way and it shows in the changes in nature all around us. The water is getting really nice for swims and soap dips, deer make frequent appearances, and I even encountered a good-sized garter snake sunning at the woodland waterfront! Having grown up in the Northwoods, I am familiar with much of the wildlife so I didn’t mind catching the little fellow for the TP zoo. All campers know not to touch wildlife without proper supervision and knowledge! I named him Teriander Snigglewinkes and the boys of the zoo class are keeping him well-fed and happy.

Keep checking in this week for some insight regarding new 2013 workshops! I may even tell you about the fabled TP/Woodland regatta we have coming up this Thursday!