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6/28 – Taco Bar!

Posted by on June 29, 2012

6/28  Thursday
Chief of the Day:  Iker (Cabin 3)
We love the beautiful weather!  Zoo caught some minnows on Clear Lake, the TP ladder challenge is under way in Tennis, and our first camp Ultimate Frisbee game of the summer took place during cabin activities.  Summer’s much better when the disc is being thrown around.  The Taco Bar for dinner was awesome, always popular!  Some of the Woodland girls came over after dinner to swim and play on Nokomis and had fun jumping on the Blob.  Cabin 3 had an intense game of dodgeball, Mateo was very active with good throws!  The CITs had another great night at the nightly CIT program, playing a competitive game of Mummy Ball.  They’re getting a feel for what it takes to be a solid counselor.
Looking forward to an awesome Friday!