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6/27 Wednesday – Beautiful day at the lake

Posted by on June 27, 2012

6/27 Wednesday

Chief of the Day:  Luis (Cabin 11)
Another gorgeous sunny morning.  A strong gentle wind is on Nokomis.  So far this morning, Zoo caught a big Gardner snake, much to the dismay of the frogs, and Skindiving caught 2 turtles!  Diego has his crew primed for an exciting summer.  Crafts is designing/painting a new teepee for the Indian Bowl, looking pretty cool so far.  We’ll be taking photos of its progression, should look sweet for the Chief’s Campfire.  To be continued after lunch!
The afternoon left off right where the morning started, with more sunny beautiful weather.  We all stuffed ourselves with hot dogs during the first cabin cookout of 2012.  All the campfires were impressive, orange coals making for perfect cooking.  Time for cabin activities and a chance to burn off the yummy brownies we had for tonight’s dessert.  Looks like it’s gonna be another starry night, we’ll see if the Moon has something to say about that.  Either way, looking forward to a nice night!