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6/26 Tuesday – Cabin cookout!

Posted by on June 27, 2012

6/26 Tuesday
Chief of the Day:  Matthew (Cabin 3)
We had an incredible starry night, and the soccer filed continues to be a popular spot to gaze.  Can’t get that in the city!  It’s amazing to see satellites flying through the night sky.
And we had another sunny morning to wake up to.  Nokomis gave the sailors some much needed wind, always cool to see the lake filled with white sails and to hear Gus (the sailing department’s small motorboat) humming around.  Cabin 12 went on the first canoe trip of the summer, guided by our new fearless tripper, Scott and two of the counselors, Eddie and Enrique.   Enjoy the smores boys!
First and second period Zoo caught some frogs, toads and salamanders…definitely plenty to fill their terrariums.  Fishing class had a quite a haul.  Andrew, Mariano and Colton each caught a 17-inch small-mouth bass.  An impressive day indeed!!  
Looking forward to tomorrow’s cabin cookouts, gotta love making a campfire and cooking hot dogs on a stick.  Kids really get into it.  The first week is starting off strong, and it’s only going to get better!