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The Gift of Time

Time is such an interesting phenomenon. Young kids, especially, often have a distorted view of time and can have no concept and/or easily lose track of it (both good things!). They generally know that a few minutes is shorter than a few hours or days, but that is about the extent of it. You might be familiar with the quote, “the days are long, but the years are short”. Sometimes we feel that way about camp; the days are long, […]

Always Trust Your Cape

Wow. It’s the end of the 4th week of camp. Today is TP Fair. How that happened, I’m not exactly sure. Sometimes you just blink your eyes and “poof”. There it goes. A lot has happened in this past week, and yet when I slow down and take time to reflect, I am reminded of one of our favorite Jeff and Jon (originally by Guy Clark) guitar songs, “Always Trust Your Cape”. We sometimes sing it at a campfire, and […]

No Such Deficit

One inescapable fact about life at Towering Pines is its immersive outdoor quality. Around here the complex forces of nature, the rich textures and tones of natural beauty, are our daily companion. In every direction, there is something wonderful, something that can fill you with wonder, waiting to be noticed. Lakes glistening from the sun’s rays, angular rocks covered with moss, tiny insects scurrying across the ground, ancient pine trees towering above— we are surrounded by the mysteries of the […]

From Boys to Men

It occurred to me at a recent staff meeting that there is something very important happening here at TP. It goes beyond what one would normally expect in a summer camp experience, and it’s been going on since the beginning of the camp’s inception. It’s not something you can find just anywhere (which is another reason that Camp TP is so unique!). I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats to find out what this very “important” […]

The Power of Making Choices

As I sit here in my camp “office,” which by the way has an amazing view of Lake Nokomis, I reflect on the fact that we’ve been at camp now for a little over 2 weeks. I realize now more than ever, that one of the remarkable things about camp is that it presents a unique environment in which campers get to make many choices for themselves. The best part is that they get to do so within a structured […]