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Dear Jeff,

Dear Jeff, Ever since my son returned home from camp, he refuses to wear anything else but a TP t-shirt and his new soccer socks.  All he talks about is the fun he had at camp, stories about his cabin mates, and how many days there are until camp next summer.  He claims that he hears a bell ringing periodically throughout the day.  He spends hours looking at the online photos on the Towering Pines website.  He even makes his […]

Espirit de Corps

  Well, here we are. It is the last week of camp and some of you parents may see your children sooner than you’ll see this blog entry. I’m sure you and I are sharing some similar feelings of excitement, relief, and apprehension. It’s just that time of year. Soon, school will be starting again, the camp routine will be a memory and the challenges of the coming season will be upon us all. But first, some proper digestion of […]