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We’re Lucky Every Day at TP!

Posted by on March 20, 2016

TP Cabin 6We’re Lucky Every Day at TP!

We are LUCKY to have such an awesome camp family – the campers, staff, alumni, and friends who make every summer a wonderful experience for all TP boys!  Thank you, Cabin 6 (2015), for sharing your best moments with us!

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Jorge: earning “Chief of the Day”

Pedro: sailing

Ethan: TP Fair

Alex A: passing my instructional swim and losing a tooth

Louis: becoming a barn “rat”

Bryce: getting a bullseye

Alex E: passing to level 4 in swimming

Ray: trying my hardest and passing out of instructional swim


Cabin 6 Lip SyncLip Sync Contest

I am really proud of:

Jorge: getting a 45 score in riflery the first day of camp!

Pedro: jumping the entire wake on the wakeboard

Ethan: advancing in swimming

Alex A: passing my instructional swim and being able to take skin diving

Louis: passing my level 3 in swimming

Bryce: making friends

Alex E: Leo for staying for 4 weeks

Ray: being at camp for 5 years and receiving my TP pin

Cabin 6 Canoe TripCabin 6 Canoe Trip

The thing I learned most about myself:

Jorge: I can be a leader

Pedro: I am capable of things I didn’t know I could do

Ethan: I am a good actor

Alex A: boys can change when they get older and become more mature

Louis: I am not a bad swimmer

Bryce: how to handle being aggravated

Alex E: I am good at Magic

Ray: I can be confident and achieve things I never could do without confidence

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Happy 70th Birthday TP!