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Weekly Camper Achievements for the week of July 2 through July 8, 2018

Posted by on July 10, 2018

Weekly Camper Achievements for the week of July 2 through July 8, 2018

Chiefs of the Day

Congratulations Jonah!

This week’s esteemed COD recipients:

  • Sam St
  • Thomas K
  • Jonah S
  • Santiago C
  • Ryan G
  • Pablo E
  • Charlie S.


Cabin Chief & Medicine Man

As a reminder, the Chief of the Day (listed above) changes daily, and is chosen by a different staff member every day.

In contrast, the Cabin Chief is chosen by his fellow campers in each cabin, and serves for the entire summer.

   Cabin Chief Medicine Man
4 Navajo Johnny E Lucas H-S
5 Mohawk Nolan B Eli W
6 Cheyenne Tommy K Pablo E
7 Iroquois Santiago C Charlie S
8 Winnebago Paul W Henry M
11 Seneca Ethan J Alex E
12 Apache Nico P Daniel McH

 Cabin Clean-Up

Congratulation to the Men of Huron, i.e., Cabin 4, for their excellent show of self-discipline and good hygiene.

Weekly Camp Special Event – Frontier Day

Congratulations to Cabin 5 and Cabin 7 for simultaneously uncovering the TP Mother Lode during the TP Gold Rush Event.



The Men of Seneca, Cabin 11, led a Vespers theme about “The Importance of Attitude.”




Bar I

  • Jorge R


Pro Marksman

  • Javier G
  • Colin Mc I
  • Sammy L


Riflery High Scores

  • Pablo R shot a 43 (sitting).
  • Jorge R shot a 45 (prone).
  • Jorge R shot a 42 (sitting).



Archery ranks are earned through a combination of shooting distance (from the target) and accumulated points.

The archery target has 10 concentric rings. The innermost (smallest) ring, a.k.a., the “bullseye” is worth 10 points. The next outer ring is worth 9 points, the next 8 points, and so on. The outermost (biggest) ring is worth 1 point. Missing the target completely is 0 points.

Archers shoot 5 rounds of 6 arrows, i.e., 30 total arrows to accumulate enough points to earn a rank.

The ranks below are listed from easiest (White Yeoman) to most difficult (Gold Archer).

You may notice that 10 yards are added each time you jump to a new color, but that the required points at each level stays the same (80 points for Yeoman, 120 points for Bowman, 160 points for Archer).


White Yeoman – 80 points at 10 yards

White Bowman – 120 points at 10 yards

  • Sam C


White Archer – 160 points at 10 yards

  • Sam C
  • Lucas H-S
  • Johnny E


Black Yeoman – 80 points at 20 yards

  • Bernardo H
  • Eli W
  • Bernardo G


Black Bowman – 120 points at 20 yards

  • Patricio L
  • Julian H
  • Ryan G
  • Sam St.


Black Archer – 160 points at 20 yards

  • Patricio Santiago C
  • Andres C
  • Jonah S

Blue Yeoman – 80 points at 30 yards

  • Pablo E
  • Patricio L
  • Santiago C


Blue Bowman – 120 points at 30 yards

Blue Archer – 160 points at 30 yards


Red Yeoman – 80 points at 40 yards

Red Bowman – 120 points at 40 yards

Red Archer – 160 points at 40 yards


Gold Yeoman – 80 points at 50 yards

Gold Bowman – 120 points at 50 yards

Gold Archer – 160 points at 50 yards


Archery High Scores of the Week

  • Jonah S shot 42 points at 20 yards.
  • Sam C shot 42 points at 10 yards.
  • Jonah S shot 48 points at 20 yards.
  • Daniel McH shot 43 points at 20 yards.
  • Henry M shot 43 points at 20 yards.



Soccer Player of the Week – Eiden E

Soccer Most Improved – Santiago C



Trail Bike Grand Prix – new in 2018!!


1st Bernardo G

2nd Andres C

3rd Santiago C



1st Javier G

2nd Ray Deo

3rd Matt S




  • Henry St caught a 12.5” large mouth bass.
  • Sammy C caught a 12” large mouth bass.
  • Ryan G caught a 13” large mouth bass.
  • Nolan B caught 13 fish in one class, including an 11.5” large mouth bass!
  • Nolan B caught a 12” large mouth bass.
  • Ryan G caught a 10.5” large mouth bass.
  • Emeric D caught a 12” large mouth bass.
  • Nolan B caught a 14” and a 12” large mouth bass.
  • Chris W caught a 14” small mouth bass.



Sail Race

Regatta winners this week include;

  • Finn Van H (twice)
  • Ethan J
  • Thomas K
  • Colin Mc I



Level 4

  • Nolan B
  • Sammy L
  • Leo N


Level 5

  • Julian H-S
  • George M
  • Patricio H


Level 6 – the highest required level at TP. Completion of Level 6 means the camper no longer needs to take instructional swim.*

  • Andres C
  • Santiago C
  • Julian C
  • Bernardo H

*Level 7 is offered at TP, for campers who wish to further improve their swimming knowledge and technique.



  • The Zoo class took a hike to visit the eerie, fascinating bog!



Campfire Performance of the Week

Great job Ray!

  • Ray Deo did a very cool guitar solo of Interstate Love Song by the Stone Temple Pilots.


Weirdest Camper of the Week

  • Sammy C and Staff Bryan N share this week’s WCOTW title for their, um, unique approach to canoe paddling.


You DO know how a canoe works, right?