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TPPS Presents: The Floating Wash-house Mystery!

Posted by on July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20th
(Posted by Jonathan)

The opening night of the Towering Pines Players Sociey’s original play: The Floating Wash-house Mystery! Written and produced by The Dellinger Bros; directed by Will Dellinger, Jeremy Harr, and Alex Harlow.

Private detective Point Noir and his wise-cracking sidekick Jakey O’Brown were on the case Friday night, cracking the mystery of the floating wash-house at Towering Pines camp! It was a tall tale…tall as in floating! The daring duo took the the streets to track down the disgruntled maintenance man and his sinister plot to keep the wash-house out of reach of the serial toilet clogger.

“Cool under pressure…this tuna’s been through the nets once or twice before!”

“That’s a big catch, almost too big to believe…”
“I ain’t the DNR; I just serve the drinks around here.”

TP Players young and old, green and veteran joined forces to tell this wacky noir mystery with more twists and turns than a crooked carny funhouse after an earthquake.

Fun was had by all at the rec-hall, even during the commercial breaks! After the show, the whole camp went outside to celebrate TP’s birthday with the Five Year Pin ceremony, awarding TP guys who have been at camp for 5 years with the coveted sterling silver TP lapel pin. 
Yes, sir, it was a TP birthday to remember!