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TP Reunion “Rap”


The whole gang!

As you can see, we had a FABULOUS turn out for the annual Chicago reunion the weekend before Thanksgiving!  In a series of blogs in the upcoming weeks, we will give you an update about the TP boys who joined us for the afternoon to watch the 2014 camp video, flip through the new scrapbook, relive camp memories, and of course, to eat yummy treats.  Jake St was the winner of the “how many more days until camp?” contest (he answered correctly that it was 216 on the nose that day)!


Christian, James, Andrew, Luke G, Jack T

The 2015 CIT’s had their first “duty” at the reunion; they helped us interview everyone to find out 1) what is the favorite thing about school this year, 2) what activities campers do when they are not in school, 3) any fun trips taken or planned, and 4) what each camper is looking forward to next summer.

Christian: 1) all the breaks, 2) likes to row and longboard, 3) Florida, 4) seeing my friends from Mexico

James: 1) being away from my older brother, 2), arts and crafts, 3) Wisconsin, 4) not being with my brother

Luke G: 1) going home, 2) playing video games, 3) Washington DC, 4) archery

Jack T: 1) I have less homework, 2) guitar/piano lessons, band practice, working on Eagle Scout project, 3) camp in the winter, 4) seeing friends


Ben and Mike

Ben: 1) lunch, 2) football and fencing, 3) Captiva, Florida, 4) riflery

Mike: 1) Outdoor Ed is an interesting class, my teacher is awesome, and I have a lot of friends in the class, 2) playing the Boss and fencing, 3) Spring Break trip, 4) being a counselor


Jake St and Jack B

Jake St: 1) school is easy this year, 2) math, 3) Michigan, 4) new activities

Jack B: 1) sailing club – great group of people, 2) swimming, water polo, sailing, 3) Ireland in the Spring, 4) sailing/waterfront

Stay tuned for more Reunion “Rap” in the next blog post…