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TP Reunion “Rap” 3

Here are the final updates from the reunion in Chicago last month.  Campers were interviewed to find out 1) what is the favorite thing about school this year, 2) what activities campers do when they are not in school, 3) any fun trips taken or planned, and 4) what each camper is looking forward to next summer.


CJ, Caden, Jake, Christian

CJ: 1) new teachers, 2) play sports, 3) Springfield, 4) trying new activities

Caden: 1) gym, 2) hang out with friends, 3) Springfield, 4) archery

Jake: 1) Math, 2) tennis and homework, 3) Washington DC, 4) being with my cabin

Christian: 1) all the breaks, 2) likes to row and longboard, 3) Florida, 4) seeing my friends from Mexico

DSC00850Calvin & Andy

IMG_4165Video, Scrapbook, and Snacks – what’s not to like?