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Posted by on July 8, 2012

Saturday, July 7th
(Posted by Jonathan)

Another beautiful day at Camp Towering Pines for boys! We finally got a break from the heat after a mighty storm swept through last night. It quenched to the parched land and made for a much more comfortable last day of the sign-up.

The boys finished up their first sign-up schedules and selected their activities for the next two weeks. Several guys passed their level 6 in instructional swim today, which means that swim classes are no longer required for them. Congrats to Alonso C., Santiago J., and Juan Pablo R.! I’m sure they are looking forward to a change!

There was some excitement at assembly this evening as the CITs promoted tomorrow’s special event, Gold Rush, with costumes and gold nuggets. Everyone is geared up to follow the clues to the motherload and win Gold Rush for their cabin group, but even if a group doesn’t get the big one they can still rake in plenty of TP dollars to be used at special events later on!

In other news, the Explorers North sailing trip departed yesterday to spend three days and two nights sailing the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. Those on board include Diego S., Jack T., Tommy B., Mattew D., Michael P., and staff member Tim R. I’m looking forward to tales of their adventures and remain jealous that I couldn’t go with them!

That’s all for today. Everyone is out enjoying cabin activities at the moment, I think the picture of Cabin 12 (Apache) below sums up the mood nicely:

Be sure to look us up again soon for a inside look at Gold Rush Day!