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There is a Difference

Posted by on August 2, 2016

There is a Difference. . .

Between playing Pokemon Go and searching for the “Mother Lode” on Gold Rush Day with your cabin.  Teamwork and persistence are key to gathering clues and puzzling out the location of the infamous gold rock.

TP Gold rush

There is a Difference. . .

Between listening to your iPod and hearing the sounds of birds singing a wake-up tune, waves splashing on the shores of Nokomis or Clear Lake, wind whistling through the tall pine trees, halyards chiming on sailboat masts, and the echo of campers laughing.

TP sailboat

There is a Difference. . .

Between grabbing food on the go and spending time with your cabin family sharing a meal 3 times a day.  The conversations that happen daily around the table are instrumental to cabin bonding and friendships.

TP dining

There is a Difference. . .

Between watching a video on YouTube and seeing the annual Lip Sync Contest “live” on a rainy afternoon in the Rec Hall.  If you are lucky, you may even catch the camp band, The Totem Poles, practicing a “set” on the pontoon boat during Evening Workshop.  There is no substitute for seeing the culmination of learning new skills, time spent rehearsing, and celebrating a job well done.

TP Lip Sync

Pontoon boat







There is a Difference. . .

Between having a conversation on Snap Chat or other Social Media and a face-to-face “real-time” exchange with a cabin mate or camp friend.  Being able to see facial expression, read body language and interpret emotion are pivotal to understanding the intricacies of social interaction.

3 boys

There is a Difference. . .

Between viewing photos on a screen and seeing a duck walk through the assembly area, bald eagles flying overhead while sailing, loons swimming on the lake while on a canoe trip, the sun setting from your campsite, deer bounding across your path while on a trail ride, or underwater scenes during skin diving.

TP duckSkin diving

The Difference is pretty clear to me. . .a Towering Pines summer makes all the difference in the world!