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The first week begins!

Posted by on June 30, 2008
The first weekend at camp was busy!  Campers moved into their freshly swept cabins and pulled blankets up onto the bunks.  Saturday was filled with new faces and old friends.  In the evening, the counselors put on a campfire, complete with skits, songs, challenges, jokes, and cheers.  This helped the campers get ready for the Sunday campfire — where they would be the ones directing the skits!  Campers performed “Little Bunny Foo Foo,” “Halibut,” “Is it time yet?”, and many other camp classics.  Captain JP TP made his debut appearance for 2008, and the laughs and cheer could be heard across Nokomis.  
On Monday, campers began their first day of scheduled activities.  Campers chose from tennis, soccer, riding, riflery, archery, crafts, Indian Lore, photography, “TP Players” drama class, zoo, trap, fishing, sailing, sail race, instructional swim, trick ski, skindiving, free swim, and tutoring.  Campers choose from six of these activities, which they will follow for two weeks.  At Towering Pines, many ride horses, race sailboats, score soccer goals, and waterski — all in the same day!  
At evening assembly, the boys gathered in their cabin groups and saluted the Chief of the Day.  Counselors made announcements: a boy in cabin three road a horse for the first time, another caught a salamander for the zoo, and a young skipper won his first sailrace.  It was an exciting day at Towering Pines — the first of many to come!