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The Art of Conversation

Posted by on July 5, 2019

Towering Pines supports my efforts to raise three sons by encouraging meaningful conversations at mealtime.  As families rush to extracurricular activities, it’s important to not lose sight of modeling this important life skill.  Before every meal at TP, boys scatter in their cabin groups across campus to wait approximately 20 minutes.  It has a calming effect after the busy day.  Some days I see counselors leading outdoor games.  Other days, I notice boys telling each other about cool things they learned and saw. Many times, I notice boys simply staring at beautiful Lake Nokomis.  If screens were in their hands, their souls would not be filled with this amazing view.

When the groups are called into the dining hall, they communicate and connect even more as they wait their turn for food.  Tables are asked to come one at a time.  No technology is present at these tables to prevent a funny joke or disgusting story from being shared.  Boys willingly learn manners from college-age staff.  These moments of communication will help develop healthier relationships for the future.

I am so grateful that I decided to enroll my boys, especially my youngest who is six. Camp has impacted their understanding of different religious and cultural practices. Living in Alabama, they do not get these wonderful experiences.  My ten-year old son has excitedly shared Spanish phrases he’s learned at camp.  My boys constantly tell me about their awesome new friends who live in places such as Brazil, Mexico, and the Midwest. Towering Pines has become their home away from home.


-Raquel L.
First Time Camp Mom