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So Many Choices, so Little Summer…

Posted by on June 28, 2018

So Many Choices, so Little Summer…

One of the great things about going to summer camp is the opportunity to try new activities and/or enjoy old hobbies that you can’t easily do at home.

Recognizing the importance of personal growth via the process of learning new skills, Towering Pines offers 17 unique activities to your boys each session, along with several additional cabin activities, free swim, and evening workshops!

And, to their credit, your boys are making the most of the opportunities you’ve provided them. At the first session sign-up (weeks 1 & 2, each session lasts for two weeks), the most popular activity areas are:

  1. Sailing (including Sail Race)
  2. Riflery
  3. Tennis
  4. Trail Bicycles (new in 2018!)
  5. Archery
  6. Fishing

Other popular activities include Zoo & Nature class, skin diving, and trick ski. The fun & quirky TP Players class offers a unique experience to the campers who enjoy things like improvisational comedy, acting, singing, etc.

In the interest of providing the campers an opportunity for fresh experiences, Towering Pines campers will choose a new schedule for the second session (weeks 3 & 4).  Some boys will pick new activities, while others may decide to improve their ability in activities they’ve already begun.

Whatever their decision, all the boys will be building confidence by building new skills.