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Reunion Rap 2015


I realize that I am a little late posting this, but as we all know, December is always a crazy month no matter how hard we try not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays!  Many of you are probably spending this time with family and friends, so I feel that it is appropriate to update you all on the friends who gathered in Northbrook for the annual camp reunion last month.  If we were not able to connect with you at this event, please feel free to share your news with us for a future post!


Each camper shared his activities when not in school, fun trips this year, and a lesson learned at camp that has been used at home or school:

Ben K: football, visit Grandparents, importance of friendships

Calvin F: soccer/friends, Florida, “cabin clean-up” at my house

Henri M: Hero Clicks, Spain, teamwork is better than doing it by yourself

George M: acting, Spain, teamwork to get things done

James E: hang out with friends, Mexico, always have a positive mindset


Alex E: hang out with friends, Mexico/New York, believe in yourself

Leo N: YouTube, eat your veggies

Ray D: music/basketball/baseball, Colorado/Mexico, give everybody respect

Mitch F: soccer, Florida, how to survive in the wilderness


Luke N: Boy Scouts/drums, Florida/cave in the mountains, how to prepare and start a fire

Thomas K: baseball, Florida, be nice to everybody

Chris W: play outside, Florida, be nice to other people

James: writing, Disney, be nice to other people