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Reunion Rap #1 2017

We had a FABULOUS turn out for the annual Chicago reunion the weekend before Thanksgiving! Here is an update about the TP boys who joined us for the afternoon to watch the 2017 camp video, flip through the new scrapbook, relive camp memories, and of course, to eat yummy treats.  If we were not able to connect with you at this event, please feel free to share your news with us for a future post.

What is your favorite thing about school this year?

Leo: I’m in 3rd grade; I had a lot of fun at the Halloween party!

Giacomo: I’m in 5th grade; my favorite class is movement

George: Recess

Thomas: Galleon (you get to build a ship out of cardboard!)

Chris: Math

Charlie: Reading & writing class

Aiden: Writing and math class

Paul: I’m glad that I am getting good grades

What activities do you like to do when you are not in school?

Leo: Play games on my iPad and hangout with friends

George: Soccer team

Thomas: Baseball, sailing, playing with friends

Chris: Basketball, video games

Charlie: Soccer, football, video games, and making YouTube videos

Aiden: I like soccer, lacrosse, and basketball

Paul: I play tennis and do theater outside of school

What is one thing you learned at TP that has been helpful to you at home or school?

Leo: How to take care of my belongings

George: Confidence speaking in front of class from doing skits

Thomas: Sailing, sailing

Chris: To savor energy while running

Charlie: Spanish words

Aiden: Learned how to shoot guns

Paul: I improved my tennis skills a lot