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Posted by on July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17th
(Posted by Jonathan)

We’re stepping boldly into the fourth week of camp and spirits are high! Whether it’s at a special event like Paul Bunyan Day or waking up early for Senior Horse Show practice and cavalry charges across the athletic field, our boys are really showing their stuff every day! When campers have the perspective of the first half of  summer to behind them, they can really be assertive and comfortable in their decisions. It’s that point of the summer where everybody starts to see things in a new way; we know our strengths and weaknesses, we appreciate those around us, and we truly enjoy every day.

I see this kind of improvement on a daily basis out on the water. Our sailrace classes are small enough that we can train the boys of TP and the girls of our sister camp, Woodland, together every day and I can tell you that the dedication and focus of our experienced staff is really paying off!

I’m so proud of the improvements our sailors show in our daily regattas. From perfect starts to precision tacking and the ever-popular lee-bow maneuver, our sailors are mastering the sort of racing techniques that will take them far in the sailing world.

What’s best about the skills practiced in a regatta is the teamwork that is essential to making a sailboat work properly. Each member of the crew must act in unison with the others to make sure that things go smoothly. As our sailors know: every little movement of the tiller, every slight adjustment of the sails affects the performance of the vessel dramatically, slowing or speeding the boat. A skipper needs to issue clear orders and precisely manage the course, the crew needs to manage their weight placement and direct wind over the back of the mainsail, everyone needs to tune the sails, and most importantly: they enjoy the regatta or suffer defeat as a team.

Our sailors are doing us proud, and they remind me of how important it becomes to be comfortable with oneself, one’s roles, and trusting those around you to do their part too! This is one of the most gratifying parts of camp, and it’s a real treat to witness the growth of all our campers!