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May the Force Be With You!

Posted by on May 26, 2017

Best Moments from Cabin 6:

What is one moment you will never forget?

Max: Passing yard lines in archery.

Gordon: A funny campfire skit.

Ross: When I got up on skis.

Jack: Doing the 50 yd hurdles in Olympics in skinny jeans and winning.

James: When I got 2nd place in archery during the Olympics.

Calvin: Winning the 13 & under soccer game against Red Arrow.

Alex: Olympics and banquet.

Rodrigo (CIT): Co-ed show practice.

What is something adventurous you did last summer?

Max: Trying some new foods.

Gordon: Playing soccer with older guys.

Ross: Passing to 40 yards in archery.

Jack: Walking on trails full of ponds in Zoo.

James: Going on a canoe trip with my cabin.

Calvin: Camping out.

Alex: Paddling a playak to the sand bar.

Rodrigo (CIT): Going out in a playak for Adventure Day.

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Max: Getting to 40 yards in archery.

Gordon: Passing out of instructional swim.

Ross: That I can do everything…it just takes time.

Jack: Passing level 5 in instructional swim.

James: Getting to 30 yards in archery.

Calvin: Getting my blue archer.

Alex: Advancing to sitting in riflery.

Rodrigo (CIT): I finally caught a fish!

What is something you learned about yourself?

Max: There were more activities that I never thought I would try, and I ended up being good at them.

Gordon: I am a good swimmer.

Alex: When you try new things sometimes you end up falling in love with them!

Jack: I am pretty good at canoeing.

James: That I am capable of doing anything.

Calvin:  That if you really try, you can do anything.

Alex: I am a really good friend.

Rodrigo (CIT): Being a 2nd year CIT is different; you have more responsibilities and need to have patience.