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Happy Back-to-School from Cabin 7

Happy Back-to-School!  We are starting our monthly blog sponsors again for this year, so a big thank you to Cabin 7 for getting the ball rolling for our September post!  Here are a couple of “feel-good” back-to-school stories from a current camper and two alums.  What kids learn at camp DOES matter and IS transferred to situations at home or school – we have proof!  How will you be a gentleman this year?!

Story #1: Ray’s entire 5th grade class went on an all day “Outdoor Education” trip to Camp Douglas. When I went pick to pick him up, there were many people there we had not seen in awhile, so I prompted him to say hello to several folks.  For the first time in my memory, Ray extended his hand (without being asked) and shook hands with several adults. I was blown away. I asked on the way home where he learned to do that, and he said, “Towering Pines.  A gentleman always does that.”  Wow!  I have to hand it to you – TP really enhances and supports the things we try to teach at home but sometimes wonder if it is sinking in.

Thanks for another GREAT summer at camp!

(Taken from an email sent to Jeff and JoAnne from Judy D.)


Ray D. at a Cabin Cookout

Story #2: My youngest nephew is in 4th grade, and my sister has noticed that he now looks around to see who is in view before deciding whether or not he is going to give his her a kiss before she lets him out of the van to face the new school day (just last year he wouldn’t have thought twice about it!).  On this particular morning, my sister saw a little boy not too far from her van that had dropped his backpack and all of the contents went scattering across the sidewalk.  She immediately rushed over to help the young boy pick up the contents that were strewn everywhere and proceeded to ask who his teacher was and planned to walk him to the office to get further assistance.

My 9-year old nephew witnessed the entire scene and looked at my sister and said, “I got this, Mom!”  Isaac took over the clean-up process, helped the Kindergartner get everything returned to his backpack, grabbed the boy by the hand and walked him into school.  Sounds like a gentleman to me!

While Isaac was not a TP camper this year, he did get to tour Towering Pines the week after camp while we were all staying at Maplewood Resort on County D.  Isaac’s Dad was on staff at Towering Pines and his Mom was at Woodland back when the silver Ford van actually was NEW!


Cabin 7 Exploring the Moss Garden


Cabin 7 at TP Birthday Celebration