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Last, But Not Least!

Posted by on June 2, 2017

This wraps up the “Best Moments” from summer 2016…we are already looking forward to see what “Create Your Own Scene in 2017” brings!  

Best Moments from Cabin 8:

What is one moment you will never forget?

Neil: Pirate Day because my team won!

Matthew: Passing out of instructional swim.

Alex: When the Turkey Hams won TP Olympics.

Gianni: Sailing with all of my friends in an X-boat and going on the Big Hobie on a really windy day.

Rodrigo: Sailing with my friends and getting Mr. Olympian for the first time.

Finnegan: My first time getting on a horse.

Ben: When I shot a 91 against Red Arrow Camp (highest score!).

Nicholas: When I played soccer and tennis against Red Arrow.

Rafael (CIT): Playing soccer with my friends and shooting trap.


What is something adventurous you did last summer?

Neil: I tried archery for the first time ever.

Matthew: I went on the ropes course.

Alex: I tried sailing and wake boarding, and now I love both activities.

Gianni: Going on the zip-line at the ropes course.

Rodrigo: Going out at night to see the stars.

Finnegan: Ropes course, advanced riding, and sailing.

Ben: I learned how to drop a ski.

Nicholas: Ropes course was very cool and something new for me.

Rafael (CIT): Going to the soccer matches of 16 and under at Red Arrow.

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Neil: I learned how to water-ski.

Matthew: Passing out of instructional swim.

Alex: I set a new record in the 880 yd relay.

Gianni: I sailed an X-boat by myself in sailing.

Rodrigo: Playing in 16 and under soccer games because I’m good.

Finnegan: Being able to ride a horse.

Ben: Moving to kneeling and dropping a ski.

Nicholas: I passed out of instructional swim.

Rafael (CIT): Playing soccer against Red Arrow.

What is something you learned about yourself?

Neil: I love trying new things!

Matthew: I can do anything if I try hard enough.

Alex: When you try new things sometimes you end up falling in love with them!

Gianni: I found out that I can speak Spanish.

Rodrigo: I’m capable of anything if I try.

Finnegan: I like to sail.

Ben: I found that I can do more things than I thought I could.

Nicholas: Camp is really fun!

Rafael (CIT): I can do anything if I try.