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June 29, 2009

Posted by on July 6, 2009

It took us awhile to figure out the posting system for this year…but we’re back with a blog. Stay tuned for periodic updates from our counselors.
Summer has begun!!!
Since the campers arrived on Saturday, they’ve been busy becoming acclimated to the camp environment and getting to know their counselors and cabin-mates. Among the activities that took place during this time was camp orientation on Sunday morning. This consisted of a tour briefly visiting each activity area and a friendly introduction of each activity from their instructors. We do this every year at TP to show the new campers all of the exciting options they’ll have here at camp, and also to refresh them in the minds of the returning campers. At lunch that day they signed up for their first two weeks of activities. Sunday ended with an evening of skits, jokes, and challenges at the first weekly campfire of the summer.
Today (Monday) the kids dove into their full schedule of activities, rotating every hour between swimming, archery, riding, crafts, riflery, zoo, photography, and the slew of other fun classes that they chose. Although we were hit with a bit of rain, or TP dew as we call it here, we were able to carry out the full day’s schedule. As they continue to settle in to their daily routines, the campers are all very excited and eager to get more acquainted with their activities.