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Happy Thanksgiving from Cabin 11!


Best Moments from Cabin 11:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Alejandro: Passing to standing in riflery

Cristobal: Learning to do a 360 in trick-ski for the very first time

Iker: Scoring my first goal in 6th period soccer

Alec: When I finally learned how to dive

George: Catching a lot of fish

Trevor: The 1st day of camp when I met everyone and instantly became friends

Rainer: My time on the archery range

Sebastian (CIT): Practicing Co-Ed Show with my friends


What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Alejandro: Going out to see the stars

Cristobal: Trip canoeing to a camp site

Iker: Taking the penalty kick against Red Arrow

Alec: Clearing the riding trails of branches after the storm

George: Going to the Red Arrow trap exchange and shooting

Trevor: Going on the canoe trip to Stone Lake

Rainer: Catching frogs

Sebastian (CIT): Going to the trap competition

Cabin 11

For what achievement are you most proud?

Alejandro: Jumping the wake on 2 skis or doing the “helicopter” on trick skis

Cristobal: My trick ski skills and advancing 7 ranks in riflery

Iker: Being a good player in soccer

Alec: I earned my red shirt in riding

George: Getting to 40’s sitting in riflery

Trevor: Progressing through riding and how I didn’t know how to do anything on a horse, and now I know lots

Rainer: Passing to 30 yards in archery

Sebastian (CIT): Shooting 14 out of 20 in the trap competition and getting 1st place in Olympics


What did you learn most about yourself?

Alejandro: If I am determined to do something, I can

Cristobal: You can always have a positive attitude and you can accomplish anything if you want to

Iker: I’m good at defense in everything

Alec: I have a nice attitude towards others

George: How your attitude can affect things positively or negatively

Trevor: I love being outside with animals and around nature

Rainer: Don’t pay attention to mean people

Sebastian (CIT): Never give up