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Happy Spring from Cabins 8 and 5!

Posted by on May 15, 2016

TP Cabin 8

Cabin 8 and Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Best Moments: Cabin 8

Most proud:

Caden: winning the “weirdest” camper of the week

Seth: winning cabin clean-up

Iker: surviving 6th period soccer and playing against Red Arrow

George: I am better at archery this year

Alec: being part of barn crew and senior horse show

Alex: improving in tennis and riflery

Pedro: winning cabin clean-up

Sebas: playing soccer with my best friends

Cabin 8 Canoe Trip

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Caden: being “king of the court” in tennis class

Seth: wind-surfing on extremely windy days and flying across the water at 20+mph

Iker: joining 6th period surfer

George: doing trap-shooting and getting better at riflery and archery

Alec: I got to ride Speck

Alex: winning Red Arrow competition 13-1 and seeing my friends

Pedro: winning Red Arrow competition 13-1

Sebas: being with my friends every day

"                               "

The thing I learned most about myself:

Caden: I even enjoy playing sports that I’m not good at because I like the people I play with

Seth: I can put my intellect to use and make things better

Iker: that I’m good at soccer

George: learning that I can do more with myself and others

Alec: I really worked hard in Horse Show practice

Alex: if I want to do something, I can do it!

Pedro: I’m good at trap

Sebas: working through challenging situations in the cabin

TP Cabin 5

Cabin 5 Loves MOM!

Best Moments: Cabin 5

Most proud:

Jack: how many animals I have in the terrarium I share

Gordon: being Rider of the Week

Calvin: winning in archery

Nicholos: passing level at 30 yards in archery

Alex: staying at camp alone!

Ross: passing my crew in sailing

Patricio: passing level at 20 yards in archery

Mancel: being able to do a 360

George: catching a frog in zoo class

Thomas: passing my crew in sailing

Anches: that little kids look up to me

Mitchell: learning new songs on my ukulele

"                               "

Best thing that happened to me at camp:

Jack: being able to do so many activities

Gordon: having fun

Calvin: archery!

Nicholos: getting a score of 46 in archery

Alex: I caught someone in the Spoon Assassins game

Ross: passing level to 30 yards in archery

Patricio: being Chief of the Day

Mancel: getting to sail the Big Hobie

George: being Chief of the Day

Thomas: riding

Anches: having fun with all of my friends in all of the activities, especially in Co-Ed Show

Mitchell: going on a canoe trip

"                               "

The thing I learned most about myself:

Jack: I am actually kind of fast

Gordon: that I am a good shooter in riflery

Calvin: that I am good at riding and archery

Nicholos: that I have more confidence

Alex: anything is possible!

Ross: I am good at archery with a compound bow

Patricio: I am good at archery

Mancel: that I am a good swimmer

George: that I got along with others in the cabin

Thomas: I love riflery

Anches: that I like being with kids and that I don’t need people telling me what to do all of the time – I can do things by myself

Mitchell: I am a good archer

Cabin 5 campfire