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Happy New Year from Cabin 4!

Here is a little more about the campers from Cabin 4:

What was the highlight of your summer?

Nolan: Getting catch of the day twice in fishing.

Ryan: Getting Chief of the Day, getting catch of the day in fishing, and getting high score of the day in archery.

Leo: Getting the high score in archery, swimming in the lake, and passing some ranks in archery.

George: Having a lot of new friends and doing a good job in tennis class.

Pablo: Getting really good at riflery and passing out of instructional swim.

Thomas: Getting my Seaman in sailing, being in Cabin 4, having great cabin counselors, and having a good relationship with my brother.

Joe: Getting my first qualifier in archery.

Sammy: Sailing, archery, making friends, fishing, getting catch of the day, and being at camp.

Giacomo: Zoo class.

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Nolan: Free fun and making more friends.

Ryan: Getting to do archery and fishing.

Leo: I love playing “kick the can”, and I like when I like doing free swim as a cabin activity.

George: Playing laser tag with my cabin mates and playaking, too.

Pablo: Playing gaga ball with my cabin and going playaking.

Joe: Making lots of friends at camp.

Sammy: Feeling free and not being stuck inside!

Giacomo: Getting to do activities.

What is something for which you are most proud?

Nolan: Getting catch of the day twice in fishing.

Ryan: Getting to catch a lot of fish.

Leo: Getting high score of the day in archery and passing to 20 yards.

George: I passed my beginner and advanced beginner in tennis.

Pablo: I am sitting in riflery and shooting at 35 yards.

Thomas: Sailing because I am doing a good job at it and cabin activities like laser tag.

Joe: Getting to 20 yards in archery.

Sammy: Getting catch of the day in fishing and moving to 20 yards in archery.

Giacomo: Getting catch of the day in fishing.

What did you learn most about yourself?

Nolan: Having the skills to be good in archery.

Ryan: That I am really good at archery.

Leo: That I am really good at shooting in archery.

George: I am good at tennis and I did a good job in arts and crafts with my projects.

Pablo: I am good at drawing and water-skiing.

Thomas: I can skipper the medium Hobie without a counselor.

Joe: I am able to have fun and make friends.

Sammy: I love to be outside, and I learned to be kind and loving towards others.

Giacomo: I have good skills in fishing class.