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Happy National Public Lands Day from cabin 4!

Happy National Public Lands day from cabin 4!

These cool dudes had a unanimously awesome summer together, everywhere from their daily activities to their free time in the cabin. Something else they all had in common? An appreciation for nature and a fantastic canoe trip!

So, in honor of National Public Lands Day, here are some of Hurons’ best moments from 2018, many of which involved enjoying the natural resources of Wisconsin!

What was your favorite adventure this summer?

Emeric D: “canoe trip, because I had fun. We got to cook outside and create the experience of being a good camper.”

Lucas H-S: “going to an animal park and going to new areas and doing scavenger hunts and hikes and trying new foods.”

Samuel C: “canoe trip, because we got to enjoy the food and create good memories around the fire.”

Johnny E: “the camping trip because it was my first time out and I got to learn things about nature.”

It seems safe to say the little guys enjoyed being out in the wilds of Wisconsin! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s some rare footage of the boys in their natural habitat…

But it isn’t all about the fun. Here are some ways the men of cabin 4 feel they changed this year:

Samuel: “Becoming more mature, being able to live with some friends.”

Lucas: “I’m more nicer. I am more mature. I’m getting smarter. I’m more confident & I’m learning not to hurt nature.”

Emeric: “grew up more mature. Being able to live with other people being nice.”

Johnny: “Being a leader to the cabin made me a better person.”

I know I was always happy to see their smiling faces. I think cabin 4 made all of us want to be better people with their enthusiasm and camaraderie! So thanks, guys, for showing us all how great of friends a cabin group can be.

We may be getting into the fall here in Wisconsin (my favorite time, other than the summer of course), but it is never too early to start looking forward to another great summer of memories to be made in 2019!