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Happy Halloween from Cabin 5!


Costumes are not just for Halloween…dressing up is part of what we do at camp!  Campfires, Paul Bunyan Day, and Pirate Day are just a few of the opportunities we have to show our TP spirit!  Here are the “Best Moments” from Cabin 5 (Mohawk):

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Tanner: camping trip

Henry: being in the archery competition against Woodland

Julian: sailing with my friends

Matthew: canoe trip

Mitchell: canoe trip with the entire cabin

Domenic: passing out of instructional swim

Jack (CIT): leading the campfire

Cabin 5

What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Tanner: on the camping trip, we went for a long hike and explored the Northwoods

Henry: bog walked to the Moss Garden

Julian: exploring the forest on our canoe trip

Matthew: riding horses at Woodland

Mitchell: playaking across the lake on Adventure Day

Domenic: fishing for the 3rd time in my life on Adventure Day

Jack (CIT): going to Bond Falls – it was something I had never done before


What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Tanner: passing to sitting in riflery

Henry: being able to take care of the animals in Zoo

Julian: learning how to sail

Matthew: becoming better at riding

Mitchell: passing to 40 yds in archery

Domenic: passing to sitting in riflery

Jack (CIT): going on the kneeboard – it was fun!


What did you learn most about yourself?

Tanner: once I got to sitting in riflery, it became easier

Henry: I don’t give up

Julian: I am capable of doing many things

Matthew: if I try something, I might become good at it

Mitchell: I need to be more patient

Domenic: I have the ability to be good in riflery

Jack (CIT): I can do anything I desire