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Happy Halloween from cabin 5!

Happy Halloween from Towering Pines Camp for Boys!

I would say trick or treat, but we appreciate the value of both at TP. Not spiteful tricks, not bullying, but a little appreciation for mystery and fun! I think one of the best parts of Halloween is not just spooky things (which are also awesome) but a recognition of common goodness. I know, that sounds a little contradictory, but I can explain.

While Halloween may be traditionally about the fear of the unknown, it is also traditionally about warding off bad spirits, in many forms. We get together, we dress up, we enjoy treats, and we take time to reflect on scary things as a reminder to count our blessings a bit more.

In a weird way, when you wear a costume, you become more of what you are! That is, more awesome…?

The guys of Cabin 5 seemed to have a great summer together and I bet they know a thing or two about counting their blessings, since they had a lot to be thankful for. So, in honor of that unspoken tradition here are some ways in which Cabin 5 expressed and experienced kindness this summer!

Colin M: “Ways I was kind to the campers in our cabin was helping them out with cabin cleanup.”

Julian H-S: “I help my cabinmates with their jobs after I’m done with mine and I don’t exclude them when we are playing games.”


Eli W: others showed kindness to me “By making me feel [better] when I feel sad.”

Sam L:  Showed kindness to my cabin by “Sharing [and] caring.” Others showed kindness to me by “being nice to me.”

Leo N: Showed kindness to my cabin by “I let them use my [Magic the Gathering] decks.” Others showed kindness to me by “They gave me things.”


Nolan B: His cabinmates said he meant a lot to them for always maintaining a fun and playful presence.

Nice work cabin 5! They may be young, but they understand what kindness is and why it matters.

As with all holidays, Halloween is another time when I realize how quickly time passes and how much I’ve grown in the past year. I hope the boys remember the ways they grew this summer, but in case they forgot, here are their own words on the subject:

Leo N: learned “how to tye-dye.”

Eli W: learned “how to nock an arrow.”

Colin M: is now “more polite.”

Julian H-S: didn’t know “I was going to make as many friends” at the beginning of the summer.

Sam L: “I tried to ski and I did it!”

Things get a little spookier this time of year, but pretty!

Camp is beautiful in all seasons, of course, even if a bit lonely without everyone around…

This Halloween season, I encourage all of you to not just think of the spookier side of life, but remember why it can be fun to be a little scared: because it reminds us of the ways in which we are safe and happy. Enjoy the fall colors, enjoy the spooky full(ish) moon, enjoy the crisp air that smells of fallen leaves, enjoy the Jack-o-lanterns, enjoy the people who keep you safe, and of course enjoy the treats!


Happy Halloween from Jeff, Jenny, Kelly, and the rest of the Jordans!