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Gold Rushin’

Posted by on July 10, 2012
Monday, July 9th (Chief of the day: James E.)
(Posted by Jonathan)

Yesterday was our annual Gold Rush event and everyone was in fine spirits. Each cabin group comes together as a team to search for gold, stake their claim, and buy clues that lead them to the mother-load!

Many of the Sunday special events divide the cabin group into teams to facilitate small team building. Gold Rush really unifies the cabin to work for a common goal and allows the boys many small victories along the way. It has always been a favorite here at Towering Pines, for counselors and campers alike!

Everyone tried their hardest to find the big mamma but the winners this year were the men of cabin 5 Mohawk! Some of the horses watched the festivities from the nearby pasture, but if they knew where the mother-load was they sure weren’t telling anyone…

Our boys just got back from the EN trip today and they say they had a blast! Now it’s the Woodland girls’ turn for nautical adventures. Our coed regattas will be a bit leaner, but those who remain might just get that extra edge to beat the more senior sailors.

That’s all for today. Keep looking us up for current camp happenings, and don’t forget to check the camp website and the facebook page for more camp perspectives!