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Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Cabins 8, 11, and 12!

TP Birthday cake

This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our oldest three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:

Cabin 8 (Winnebago):

Noah: I really enjoyed tennis.

Matthew: I got better at Riflery.

Alex: Riflery.

Gianni: I learned how to sail better than in previous years.

Rodrigo: Soccer, Trick Ski, and Tennis.

Finnegan: Riding.

Neil: I enjoyed sailing for the first time.

Ben: How to sail and slalom ski.

Nicholas: Tennis competition against Red Arrow.

Rafael (CIT): Trap, Soccer, Skin Diving.

Cabin 8

Cabin 11 (Seneca):

Trevor: All of the new friendships I made, water sports and land activities.

Ranier: Making friends.

Cristobal: Riflery and scoring 2 goals for TP during Red Arrow competition.

Iker: Improving in everything I did.

Alec: I finally figured out how to shoot well in Riflery.

George: My finishing side came back and let me learn how to understand a lot of people; I also caught a lot of fish!

Alejandro: Riflery and friends.

Sebastian (CIT): My friends and the sports I did.

Cabin 11

Cabin 12 (Apache):

Jakob: When my cabin won cabin clean-up.

Ryan: Horses.

Eli: OD, OD, OD.

James: Skindiving.

Cabin 12